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DuPont Zorvec® Enicade® fungicide is a new and highly effective fungicide that offers an unmatched combination of consistency and longer lasting control of Downy mildew. Zorvec® Enicade® isn't washed off by rain as little as 20 minutes after the spray has dried and it moves through the plant to protect new growth. Zorvec® Enicade® : This changes everything

Raise a Healthier Crop for a Better Business

Vegetable and Poppy growers are looking for a product with a new and more effective mode of action to prevent and manage Downy mildew.

And that new mode of action is DuPont Zorvec® Enicade®. Zorvec® Enicade® will be registered for use in Bulb vegetables, Brassica vegetables, Cucurbit vegetables and  Leafy vegetables (including Brassica leafy vegetables, and Loose leaf salad vegetables).

Zorvec® Enicade® fungicide affects a novel target site with a completely new biochemical mode of action which has no cross-resistance with existing fungicides. It produces multiple effects on the pathogen’s life cycle for better efficacy, efficiency and length of control. Zorvec® Enicade® protects treated leaves as they grow and expand, including leaves that are much smaller than their final size at the time of application.

Zorvec® Enicade® isn’t washed off by rain as little as 20 minutes after the spray residue has dried, and it moves through the plant to protect new growth.

We expect Zorvec® Enicade® to be approved by the AVPMA early in 2016. More details are available from your DuPont representative.

DuPont™ Zorvec® Enicade® (oxathiapiprolin) is not yet registered for sale or use in this country. No offer for sale, sale or use of this product is permitted prior to issuance of the required country level registrations.

The Stories behind DuPont Zorvec® Enicade® Fungicide

These short videos feature commentary from those involved in the development and trialing of Zorvec® Enicade® globally and in Australia.

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